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Reminder: A key is required for access to the courts. To request a replacement key, please contact



The following tennis court rules have been established, and must be followed, for the consideration of other players, concern for the courts and equipment, and courtesy for all.

1.  Only residents of the Crabapple Lake Parc community current on the Annual Dues of the Crabapple Lake Parc Community Association, Inc. Property Owner’s Association (“the Association”) and their guests may use the Crabapple Lake Parc tennis facility. Members must accompany guests.

2.  Children under the age of 12 years must be supervised by an adult.

3.  Proper tennis etiquette shall be observed at all times. Players will follow USTA tennis rules and The Code, which serves as a national guideline for the sport of tennis (The Code may be accessed at

4.  The Crabapple Lake Parc tennis courts are available for play daily from 7:00am to 10:00pm. Lights are timed, and will automatically shut off at the designated time; however, players are asked to turn off the lights at conclusion of play if other members are not waiting.

5.  Use of the tennis courts other than for tennis is strictly prohibited. No bicycles, wagons, roller blades, skateboards, toys, chairs, pets or horseplay of any kind are allowed on the courts. Climbing the tennis court fence is prohibited. Loud talking, shouting, cursing, loud playing of radios, throwing racquets, hitting tennis balls against the fence deliberately and any other practice that can be considered annoying to other players is prohibited.

6.  The Crabapple Lake Parc tennis courts are available on a “first come, first served” basis. However, courts may be reserved now through for play by members for up to two hours for doubles play and one-and-one-half hours for single match play (

a. Players may make one court reservation at a time.
b. Failure to be present ten minutes after the reservation start period will cause forfeiture of the reserved period. At least two players are required to be present to hold a reservation for doubles play, one player for singles play.
c. No member may play past his or her scheduled time, with the exception of league matches (ALTA or USTA) or to complete a recreational match that will not take more than five minutes.
d. Junior playing members, unless accompanied by an adult member, must forfeit courts to all senior members wishing to play on weekends, holidays, and weekdays after 6:00pm. Junior players are defined as players less than 16 years of age.
e. Reservations must include player names and at least one contact telephone number in the event of a scheduling conflict. Members need to sign up at to be able to make court reservations.
f. ALTA and USTA team captains may reserve up to two courts one night per week for team practices. Team captains must schedule through the Tennis Committee Chair for approval.

7.  There will be no food or glass containers allowed on the tennis courts. It is the responsibility of every member to properly dispose of all litter in the receptacles provided. Trash receptacles should be emptied, if necessary, at the conclusion of play. For the safety of all players, the courts must be kept dry and free of all foreign objects. Smoking is not allowed on the courts.

8.  Any Crabapple Lake Parc league matches and practices (ALTA or USTA) will take priority over individual play. During league match play, one court must be left available for recreational use. League make up matches will take priority over scheduled team practice. Team captains should contact the Tennis Committee Chair for assistance.

9.  Crabapple Lake Parc ALTA or USTA team captains should make every effort to comprise their teams of at least 80% Crabapple Lake Parc residents; however, in the event they are unable to do so, in order to meet roster requirements non-resident players will be allowed (subject to the fees below). Team captains are responsible for notifying opposing team captains of all Rules and Regulations concerning the Crabapple Lake Parc courts.

10.  Players who live outside Crabapple Lake Parc are eligible to play on organized neighborhood ALTA or USTA teams, but are subject to membership fees. Team captains are responsible for collecting fees from non-residents and the fee structure is as follows: $40 per player, per season or $75 per player annually for all seasons of play. Fees collected will be used strictly for tennis facility improvements, maintenance, and tennis-related activities.

11.  Proper tennis attire should be worn at all times. Only regulation tennis shoes are to be worn on the courts; hard sole shoes of any kind are not permitted.

12.  All persons using the Crabapple Lake Parc tennis facility do so at their own risk. The Association assumes no responsibility for any accident or injury in connection with such use or for any loss and/or damage to personal property. Persons using the courts are not to hold the Association liable for any actions of any nature occurring within the Common Area of the tennis facility. Members shall be responsible for the actions of their children and guests.

Any violation of these rules may result in the denial of access and/or tennis membership privileges by the Association’s Executive Board. Violations of the rules should be reported immediately to Sixes Mangement Group at



The neighborhood courts may be reserved via You can check on court availability and make reservations from the internet 24/7.  Please follow the instructions below:

1. Go to and click on Sign In or Register to setup a new player account.
2. Under New Registration submit your name, email and phone number and you'll receive a password via email.
3. Use you email address and password to login and submit reservation requests

All court reservations must be made using this system. You can begin to make reservations immediately after setting up your player account. Please be aware that all players may have reasonable limits on the length of reservations or on how far in advance they can reserve courts.

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