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Process For Change


The Architectural Review Committee ("ARC") reviews submissions as they are submitted by homeowners.  The ARC works diligently to respond as quickly as possible to homeowner requests.  If an application does not contain all required samples, photos, and sketches, the application may be returned with no approval or denial. 


The following suggestions should help homeowners navigate the ARC approval process:

  • Know the rules.  Per the Declaration of Protective Covenants for Crabapple Lake Parc ("the Covenants"), any and all changes to the exterior of your home must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee ("ARC") before work may begin.  In order to comply with the Covenants, the ARC requires an Application for Modification form be submitted to the management company, and approved by the ARC in writing, before the exterior of your home may be altered.

  • Follow the rules.  If a project is completed without written approval and it does not meet the requirements of the ARC, the homeowner will be required to remove, repaint, or replace the unapproved item at their own expense.  To avoid additional costs, please make certain all projects are approved in writing by the ARC beforehand.

  • Plan ahead.  ARC approvals are good for one year.  Please do not wait until the contractor is at your door and ready to begin working to request ARC approval of a project.  Keep in mind that the approval process can take 60 days (although the average is less than 30), and plan accordingly.

  • Be aware of the community-wide standards.  Please review the ARC Guidelines and Standards beginning on page 20 of the CLP Neighborhood Guide prior to submitting an ARC request.  

  • Be aware of changes in color trends.  The ARC will not approve yellows, blues, purples, or pastels, and strongly discourages whites, as exterior paint colors, even if the home was once painted one of these colors.  The trend in exterior home colors is toward muted tans, grays, greens, and browns, such as, khaki, taupe, sage, and beige.  Furthermore, if a home's siding is painted a darker tone, then the home's trim cannot be painted bright white but instead must be painted an off-white or cream color. Lastly, the community-wide standard is for the trim color to be lighter than the siding color; the ARC will not approve a trim color that is darker than the siding color.

  • To avoid delays, include all required information and attachments.  All Application for Modification forms submitted to the ARC must include a photo of the home and samples of all paint colors for which approval is being requested. Please include both an email address and a telephone number on the application, in case the ARC needs to contact you to discuss your application.  The Application for Modification form can be found on the neighborhood website under the Rules & Regulations tab.

  • Questions may be addressed to the ARC at  Please contact the ARC if you need clarification or direction, not your neighbors.  Unless your neighbors are willing to cover the cost of repainting your house, please do not rely on your neighbor’s opinion for approval.  The only approval that matters is written approval from the ARC and only the ARC.

The ARC has provided the following timeline in an effort to help homeowners better understand the approval process:

  •  the homeowner completes the ARC’s Application for Modification form and mails the form, with attachments, to the management company;

  •  the management company logs the request (per the Covenants, the Association has 60 days from this point to respond to ARC requests);

  •  toward the end of each month the management company mails everything that was submitted to the ARC that month to the chair of the ARC (copies are kept on file at the management company);

  •  the ARC meets during the first week of every month to review the packet of materials sent to them by the management company;

  •  the ARC approves or denies requests based on the information provided by the homeowner, the Covenants, the ARC’s Guidelines and Standards, and the community-wide standards, and mails the packet back to the management company;

  •  the management company mails a letter to the homeowner informing them of the ARC’s decision (approval letters are good for one year). 

If you believe you need an expedited review of your application, or if you feel the process is taking longer than anticipated, please contact the ARC to discuss (

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